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Our Approach

The ICAM approach to well-being/dis-ease considers the human being as a whole functioning integrated and interrelated system: body, mind, spirit, taking into account the internal and external environment of each individual.

With this approach, symptoms of a disease are considered to be an indication of an overall imbalance, which may be improved by enabling and activating the body’s own capacity to restore itself to a healthier equilibrium or optimal health. By searching for and identifying the root cause(s) of “dis-ease” a therapy or treatment is selected to allow the body the best possible opportunity to optimize health.

​ICAM’s focus is to improve any imbalances, e.g. deficiencies, immune dysfunction, stress, chronic infections, etc. with therapies or treatments with minimal or no side effects, and not on treatments for specific diagnoses.

ICAM's Philosophy

According to ICAM’s philosophy, the cause of dis-ease is a violation of nature’s law which is an intrinsic life-supporting quality. This can happen through inappropriate actions or reactions. These include but are not limited to:
  • What you eat,

  • What you drink,

  • What you think,

  • What you do,

  • How and what you breathe,

  • How much you sleep,

  • And your social behaviors.

Nutrition is of primary importance with sufficient rest being a close second. With “proper nutrition” and “adequate rest” our vitality is strong which keeps us in a positive state of health. When this is not the case, our vitality is lowered and our ability to maintain a healthy state is reduced. As this continues, a negative state is reached, which is also called a “dis-ease” state.​

Our Providers

Rolf Habersang, MD, MPH & TM

Dr. Habersang’s experience in Medicine and Healthcare is spanning over 4 decades. With initially a focus in General Pediatrics and Intensive Care for over 30 years he then followed many of the children with special health care needs as a professor with Texas Tech Medical School in Amarillo Texas. Because of his passion for helping individuals, children, and adults, to optimize their wellbeing he expanded his knowledge through continued training in Biological Medicine and Functional Medicine and now practices a holistic approach to health care based on the principles of Biological / Functional Medicine and Homeopathy. His “mantra” is “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT and THINK”.

Dr. Habersang provides consultations to patients who have a variety of issues, though not in the context of primary care.

Angie Chadwick, FNP-C

Angie Chadwick, a Family Nurse Practitioner, joined the ICAM Institue of Amarillo in the fall of 2014 initially on a part-time basis, but now as a full-time provider.

Angie’s passion for health promotion for the whole family grew out of her work experience as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse at the Children’s Hospital at North West Texas Health Care Systems in Amarillo Texas where she worked after earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in December 2008 at West Texas A&M University. She then pursued her Masters in Science of Nursing at West Texas A&M University, and ultimately was certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in 2011. Angie Chadwick previously worked with Dr. Habersang at Texas Tech Health Science Center (Pedi Providers) in 2012 and 2013 as a Family Nurse Practitioner. After leaving TT Pedi Providers Angie worked in Urgent Care.